Take a Look Tuesdays – Project: Positive and what it’s all about

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." - said NOBODY! Words are the most powerful weapon out there. And Project: Positive is here to change the way you see yourself.

Project: Positive is here to empower you!

We all get beat down by negative body image thoughts, no matter who we are, there's always something that we want to 'fix' or 'change'. And many of us allow these negative thoughts to rule over who we are.

Step in Project: Positive. This project is here to help us all see that we are more than those words. We are caring, and loving, and compassionate, and hard workers and fabulous parents.

We are more than words! And we will not allow the negative ones to control who we are!

What we do:
  1. Think of something someone or you have said to yourself negatively about your body.
  2. Find something that is positive about yourself that is not body image related.
  3. Choose your power pose!
  4. We then take your picture with with each sentence and your power pose.
Why do we do this?

So that you're reminded that you are amazing. And that you are not defined by how you look but what's truly inside.

How will it make you feel?

Just ask those who have done it!

"It was scary to write the negative out, I've never actually said it out loud. But was it ever an amazing way to let it go!" -L.

"Thank you so much for the experience. It was refreshing!! I definitely enjoyed it." -B.

"I've let this define me for too long, it's good to let it go. I am worthy of everything positive life throws at me." -J.


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