Style Saturday – Traditional Wedding Attire

1. Scottish Weddings

Scotland has an array of good luck rituals that are intertwined within their attire. The bride typically has a sprig of white heather hidden in the bouquet. As well, she will typically have a sixpence in her shoe. The groom of course wears the traditional kilt.


2. Nigerian Weddings

Choosing bright colours is a tradition within the Igbo wedding attire. Typical this form of dress features a lace blouse, brightly patterned wrapper, head tie and coral beads for the bride. And the groom will usually match his bride in both outfit, jewelry and head wrap.


3. Chinese Weddings

The colour red is significant in the Chinese culture because it is a symbol of love and prosperity, hence why most wedding dresses and groom's attire are red or have red strewn throughout their clothing.


4. East India Weddings

In Indian culture, the colour red is also very important. Besides the colour being associated with love and passion, red is also important because it stands for prosperity and fertility, which is why Hindu brides are asked to wear red at their wedding.

East Indian -

5. Irish Weddings

Irish brides typically use wildflowers as their bouquet and will often place them in their hair. As well, having a braid in their is an ancient Irish symbol of luck and power. Blue is the colour that is said to bring an Irish bride luck.


6. Japanese Weddings

A Japanese, Shinto bride traditionally wears a kimono that is pure white for the formal ceremony as it symbolizes maidenhood and purity.


7. Aboriginal Weddings

There is so much variety when it comes to an Aboriginal wedding. Where the family is from, reflects greatly upon what traditions are used in the ceremony. When it comes to attire, the bride can dress in something as simple as a hand woven, white robe with a belt to something as unique and beautiful depicted in the picture below.


8. North American Weddings

When it comes to tradition, the white dress remains the most prevalent. As you see in the picture below, the bride chose to have some colour integrated into her dress and have her bridesmaid's dresses match it. Traditions are still kept in that the bride tends to have something blue, something new and something used on her wedding day.

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