Take a Look Tuesday – What is a Mini Model Shoot?

A Mini Model Shoot is for those of you who want to celebrate yourselves. As well, it's a great stepping stone if you're considering a Boudoir Shoot.

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Why should I celebrate myself?

In our society it feels like a faux pas to celebrate yourself, doesn't it? It makes us seem self centered and self righteous. The sad part about this? We've learned to squelch down celebrating ourselves so much that we feel guilty when we actually do it, which makes us shy away from it even more. But honestly, when we think about it, why should something that in the end, makes us feel good, make us feel bad?

Being able to celebrate yourself shamelessly and being able to say, "This is me world! And I love who I am.", is incredibly empowering. And you know what else it does? It boosts our self esteem! And who doesn't need a self esteem boost!?

When we celebrate ourselves, we feel stronger. And in turn, we end up helping those around us to feel the same way. And the beautiful, positive cycle continues!

So what are you waiting for?


Why is this shoot good for those considering a Boudoir Shoot?

Many are on the fence about a Boudoir Shoot. The cost sometimes hinders us from booking. But a lot of the times it's because we don't feel that we are worthy enough for the shoot. We feel that our bodies are not "quite right" and we're hoping that we can change something before we bare our souls in front of the camera.

And in walks our Mini Model Shoot. It'll show you that you're worthy of any kind of shoot. That it doesn't matter which outfit you dawn, you'll feel amazing no matter what. And once you realize that, then there's no stopping you when it comes to booking a Boudoir Shoot.

One client said, "I didn't realize how pretty I was until I saw the photos, it brought tears to my eyes." And another said, "This has made me feel so good about my body and who I am. Thank you!".

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Our Mini Model Shoots are affordable and simple. They're a half hour long. And are done at an outdoor location of your choice. You can come in a dress or jeans and t-shirt, it doesn't matter, just as long as you feel good in the outfit.

Come feel like a model and book a Mini Model Shoot, I promise you won't regret it.

Click here to book.

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